FAMILIA POLÍTICA (“Political Family”)

Commissioned for PROYECTO FAMILIA (The Family Project) at Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas.

A consideration about the ways we gather together. What keeps us unite and what separates us? This play is understood as an activation of the real, and it aims at being an actual encounter with one another. From its creative process to its themes and by exploring the poetics of activism with a “do-it-yourself” spirit, the play posits that family is collective, just as finding a way out of the world is. We did this play in order to explore other possible ways of organizing ourselves.

Buenos Aires, September 2016

Performers Paula Baró, Sabrina Cassini, Belén Charpentier, Lucía Deca, Fiorella De Giacomi, Laura Derpic, Martina García, Eva Jarriau, Giuliana Kiersz, Martín Larocca, Nicolás Lodigiani, Santiago Nader, Juan Carlos Prudencio, Nacho Sánchez, Lux Valladolid.
Acting and Choreographic Advisor Melina Seldes
Directors Assistant Martina García y María José Schroeder
Stage Assistant Silvina Gonzalez
Iluminatión Rocío Caliri
Music Director Nacho Sánchez
Playwriting Paula Baró, Belén Charpentier y Giuliana Kiersz
Direction Paula Baró