DANS L’IMPASSE (“At the impasse”)

une expérience collective (A collective experience)

Sponsored by Proteatro, Buenos Aires (Arg); Casa de Argentina and 14th arrondissement in Paris (Fr).

Paris, June 2017

A house in the world to make things happen in a way that is different than how they are conceived in our minds. A necessary and possible space, a no-place, a tour, a chance. To break to be able to learn again. To cook to be present. To meet to wish. Dans l’impasse was a relational theatrical experience that took place in a big house at 14th arrondissement in Paris. It was co-produced by El Vaivén Théâtre and MARTE. Audiovisual interactive tour available. here

Performers (Fr) Astrid Albiso, Niels Bent, Pablo Ibañez, Eva Jarriau, Laura Segré, Thomas Silberstein, Laurène Thomas
With the participation of Cyprien Colombo

Original soundtrack Pablo Ibañez (Arg)
Propman P’tit Louis (Fr)
Comunication Belén Charpentier, Lux Valladolid (Arg)
Photography Kaboum

Original idea and artistic collaboration Eva Jarriau
Production coordination Eva Jarriau/Astrid Albiso, Caroline Gleyze et Elena Durant (El Vaivén), Laura Derpic y Paula Baró (MARTE).

Collective PlaywritingPaula Baró, Laura Derpic (Bol), Fiorella De Giacomi, Giuliana Kiersz, Nicolás Lodigiani, Santiago Nader.

Playwriting coordination Giuliana Kiersz (Arg)
French Translation Caroline Gleyze, Eva Jarriau (Fr)
Director Assistant Astrid Albiso (Arg), Elena Durant (Fr)
Direction Fiorella De Giacomi (Arg)